An alternate course for technology


Here at altLabs, we’re passionate about doing technology differently, starting with a simple question: should this be created?
Our mission is to promote a global culture of forward-thinking technology development and responsible application, and through the formulation of new risk-mitigating technology, we’re hoping to set an example.

altLabs believes in drawing from our combined strengths to envision, develop & disseminate new tools for a healthy, sustainable future.

Our team works with organizations around the world to create new tools and novel pathways toward vetted, reliable, resilient technology, including powerful algorithms built to identify signature characteristics of engineered pathogens and broad-spectrum diagnostic solutions. We combine hands-on research with intentional, rigorous roadmaps to guide project completion toward greatest collective impact.

With backgrounds in physics, bio-engineering, nanotechnology and computer science, we aim to consider all aspects of emerging technologies—including future applications and unexpected impacts—before we embark on the journey from idea to implementation.

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Jacob L. Swett Co-founder and President

Chris Bakerlee Director of Strategy

Will Bradshaw Director of Research

Amrit Sidhu-Brar Operations Consultant

Kinsley Stocum Design Consultant

Ethan C. Alley Co-founder and Board Member

Dr. Kevin Esvelt Board Member

Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences & Director of the Sculpting Evolution Group, MIT Media Lab

Dr. Gregory Lewis Board Member

Acting Head of Biosecurity Research Group, Future of Humanity Institute
University of Oxford

Dr. George M. Church Scientific Advisor

Professor of Genetics, Blavatnik Institute, Harvard Medical School
Director of HMS NHGRI-Center of Excellence in Genomic Science

Better together.

The work we’re doing, and aspire to do in the future, is made possible through the support of our trusted partners and collaborators.